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Delena is my life


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"Oh you know, looking at the stars, listening to the Universe laugh at me"
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Damon & Elena - Resident Evil

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I believe the best relationships are based on friendship, but when you are in love with someone and you can’t say it, because you are supposed to be friends it’s just… too damn hard

I have an idea of painful gifset in my head. The one that will make you hate me and me hate myself even more… but I have to make a dinner and clean the house because you know, Easter.

I will make it later then :)
bye now :*

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New icon because you know… fireplace, porch, stare, eyes locked, smile. It’s like most of DE thing in one pic.

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#this is the actual worst#because in the end he isn’t worried that she’s having sex dreams about stefan#that’s not his worst fear#his worst fear is that stefan made/makes elena happier than he ever could#and ultimately that’s what he cares about#her happiness#and it’s not just elena either#it’s stefan to#the thought that stefan and elena could be happy together?#more importantly in a universe in which he didn’t exist?#that breaks him#fuck everything

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Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev for Penshoppe Spring 2014 

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@anon: only a quote written or a quote and his pic?

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Delena + Space

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