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Nat! I finished the first book, now I can go to bed <3

Anonymous: "What is your opinion for the events in The Vampire Diaries regarding Delena?"

I actually like what is happening now. I mean, I would love them to be together and be happy but what they are doing now is one of good options they have.
They said they are wrong to each others, I personally think they over reacted but this is what they do right? It seems to me they want to show each other that they are bad and can’t be together when in fact they did a lot good to change into better people during their journey so far.

As for the whole Friends-thing, i understand both of them. Elena needs people around her when she’s hurt, Damon runs away. She saw perfect life with family around her and she needs love even more now, Damon was always her friend, when she was with Stefan, alone or in relationship with him. She need him in her life, like she said.
He on the other hand needs to deal with everything alone. He was alone most of his life and this is what he knows the best. I totally understand why he can’t be her friend, it’s the worst thing ever when you love somebody but need to behave and be only a friend. He’s been there right? he could seduce her all the time, he could do God knows what during the summer they spent together but he never did, but when you were in paradise once you want to stay there not come back to the beginning. 

So… yeah I like what is happening, I like the angst and I’m looking forward to see how they deal with each other. What can I add… I always wanted Elena to be the one who show how she wants him, and I can’t wait to see her like that :)

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Resident Evil.

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Like two flames that join and merge into one.

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"this is m y s t i c  f a l l s, nothing bad ever happens here”

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"Travel safe."

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Bonnie Bennett 5.18 Resident Evil 

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